Monday, May 17, 2010

Breakfast May 2010

Yes, they are eating chicken nuggets for breakfast.

Yes, the winter coats are still out... mid-May.

Yes, there is a carpet sample on my table.

Yes, my countertops are pink.

I should also point out there are TWO weather systems sitting on the shelf back there.  One for each side of the house.... so you can triangulate with the one outside the kitchen window to see what the weather is really like.  Because I am a farmer at heart.
Any questions?


Elle said...

This picture is oozing with functionality. Don't build a new house without a bar like this where you can serve dinner like a card dealer in vegas. It's what works for you. And you'll need a rack like next to the door, too. This is a great picture of what works, in action.

Homestead said...

7x3 island in the remodel plan.... room for all 5 of us. And, yes, JUST like my mom's house. At her house it is the gathering place.

And a beautiful built-in rack/shelf/bench/shoe thing like what is next to the door.... with hooks for all of us (and Gunnar too) and a wonderful space with lots of plug ins to charge phones, ipods & cameras.