Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Susie's Cookie Exchange

The post below is my standard yearly form letter. Susie has offered up a Blog Cookie Exchange challenge. Here are my contributions:

1. My form letter & a photo card of Sweet Boy.... tradition.
2. Black holiday socks with little santas on the sides.
3. My black velvet pants.... elastic waist.... the key to healthy fudge consumption.
4. Fudge & caramels. My fudge was perfect, the caramels were soft and this year I branched out and did truffles too.... they are easy but they really do look like reindeer poop.
5. My brilliant gift idea this year seems to be dvd's and art supplies.
6. We don't do much outdoor decorating.... no plug-ins means no Grizwold-style light displays but I do try to decorate the barn loft and do a few things with plain greens & bows. I'll post pictures if I take any....
7. Holiday Party Season is limited to 24 hours. This year we did Hot Stuff's work party on Saturday night and mine on Sunday afternoon..... we didn't do any other parties.... does that mean we are anti-social or have no friends?
8. My family opens gifts on Christmas Eve, then does Santa presents & gifts from distant relatives on Christmas day. Hot Stuff's family does it all on Christmas day.... it is a long day.
9. My family is known for "casual" meals on Christmas Eve. Favorites include CostCo lasagnas & bag salad or cold cuts & import beer varieties. It is about being together... not being in the kitchen. My "style" is rubbing off on my husband's family.... although I have yet to convince them "fudge & cookie bar" is an acceptable meal buffet.
10. I am totally going to kick Hot Stuff's ass on the Christmas tally this year. I have so many thoughtful and perfect gifts for him and awesome stocking stuffers. Yes, it is a competition and, yes, for some reason competitiveness makes me sound like a valley-girl.... totally awesome.


Felicity said...

ok, so I had to come over 'cause you said you liked me! You like me! Woo Hoo! do I sound like that actress? I'm trying to.
I'm not quite seeing how this post is a cookie exchange? But maybe 'cause I'm new here and only intermittently bright.
However, is Hot Stuff your husband?

Homestead said...

Felicity- Susie (uhohlooknow.blogspot.com) asked everyone to post their holiday traditions, outfits & gift ideas as a cookie exchange since we can't physically get together and swap snacks. You must go there and read some of the stuff people have posted.... hilarious.

Yes, Hot Stuff is my husband. Sweet Boy is our son & Gunnar is our dog... why is it that the dog is the only one who gets to use his real name??

Felicity said...

Uh, because the dog is always innocent?

SierraBella said...

I'm so with you on the pants with the elastic waistband!
They'd come in handy during a holiday feast.

Susie said...

Ha! I was struck by the same GREAT idea as SierraBella! YES to the planning of the pants for maximum fudge consumption :) I am hosting Christmas dinner for at least part of my husband's family this year. I want to go in your direction -- not be all about the kitchen, but about enjoying time together. That will be a departure for his family, wish me luck!