Friday, December 02, 2005


Little boy walking around the house saying, “Dam. Damiam. DAM. Dam?!?” He looks at his mama and says, “Dam?” Mama scowls, looks around and points towards his crib. Little boy grins, giggles and runs to the crib yelling, “DAM” and then rattles off a string of garbled gibberish while trying to wrestle an orange book out from between the crib railings.

Is the little boy in trouble? Listen closer to his gibberish ….DAM.

Get it?

**UPDATE** Mary P. got it. He's developed an addiction to "Green Eggs & Ham."


LadyBug said...

Okay, maybe it's just 'cause it's Monday morning, or maybe my caffeine hasn't kicked in yet, but...

I don't get it.

'Splain please?

Mary P. said...


Green Eggs and Ham!!

"Sam I am".

Am I right??

McSwain said...

This has been driving me crazy since I read it. Dam?? Leave it to child expert Mary P. :)

mrtl said...

Catching up. This is great! I'm running along to read some more -- curious to know what's up with all the f-bombs.