Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I love sunglasses.  From back in the day when I was a wearing hard contact lenses in the dirt fields wearing something like these babies:

60mm large frame Alpine sunglasses with leather side-shields

And then I got into high school and became a snob wearing these:


And I even had a pair of fake ray-bans I got in Tiajuana.

As a grown up I'm all about Smith Sunglasses.  I like the ones with changeable lenses.  Yes, they are pricey but Hot can usually get them pro-form or we get them from Sierra Trading Post.  Honestly... I have two pairs and I've had them forever.

But my sunglasses have started giving me a headache when I wear them on top of my head.  WTF?  So I take them off and I'm afraid I will leave them somewhere. 

Part of my mama style desire has always been to have some really great aviator sunglasses (and a really great pair of cowboy boots).  So a few weeks ago the girls and I went shopping at Ross.  We got two pairs for $15.  How awesome are we?

One pair is pink and the other is turquoise. 

So which are you?  All about the quality or cheap sunglasses all the way?  Or some sort of hybrid? 


M&Co. said...

Since I'm blind as a bat, mine are prescription. I think I need some cool running ones, since the sun sneaks in around the edges while I'm out running.

Elle said...

Cheap all the way. I generally have 3-5 pairs laying around at any given time. I never pay more than $10 for a pair . . . I wear them until they break.

My favorite right now are black with white polka dots. I look ridiculous but I love them. Old Navy clearance sale. $1.29. I have three pair. (or is it pairs?)

I dunno.

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