Monday, May 21, 2012

Sand Pail

We are working on the SUMMER BUCKET LIST.  Does anyone else dislike the term "Bucket List" at all?  But I don't have a better one.... sand pail. 

1.  The Donut Hole for maple bars.
2. Cafe Zydyco for beignets (Saturday mornings only).
3. Dipper.  Ice cream.
4. Parrot.  Milkshakes.
5. DQ.  Blizzards & chocolate dipped cones.
6. 3 lunch dates... one pick for each kid.
7. Papa Murphy's take-n-bake.
8. Frozen Moose.  More ice cream.

1. Waterslide (I just learned the Broadwater Athletic Club waterslide won't be open this summer.  I am so bummed I think I will drop my membership.)  So we have to figure something else to do..... there is a water park type place in town but it is for older kids.  Sigh.  We will try it anyway.
2. Holter.
3. Every park we can think of in town.
4. Tizer Gardens.
5. Spring Meadow.  (with chicken bones from Van's for dinner)

1.  Geo-caching or stamp art collecting.
2. Hot springs (either Chico or Bozeman or Fairmont).
3. Colorado.

1.  Picnic by the creek (we did this last weekend).
2. Scavenger Hunt.
3. Rock painting.
4. Top Shot competition.
5. Fishing the creek.
6. Tent in the yard.
7. "Drive In" movie with a projector on a sheet.
8. Adventurer's Day Camp.

1. Ikea.
2. Trampoline.
3. Hair braiding.
4. Nail painting.
5. Board games.
6. Green smoothies.
7. Fargo's Pizza

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Elle said...

k, but what are we gonna do on the second day?