Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January is KITCHEN

Here is WEEK ONE.


Oh my. 

I like mine to be COVERED so you can't see the pink-ness. 

Actually I'm pretty good about clearing the counters..... for the most part.

The table is cleared off.  The little odd desk thing is mostly clear... although it often collects things that are "outgoing" in our house.  Right now it has some movies to be returned and a bill to be mailed.

The main countertop is cleared. 

The coffee pot is always out.

The utinsel bin, knife block & smelly-melter all live on the window ledge.  So does a glass trivet and my drinking glass.  I won't lie.... I hate the knife block.  Opinions on magnetic wall ones?

We moved the countertop microwave to the corner.  Better.  The cherry tomatoes live on top of the microwave.  Is that odd?  Where do you keep tomatoes?

We can't leave out paper towels anymore.... damn cats.

I have a little green spoon rest on the stove top. 

That's about it.

What's on your countertops?

What needs to change in your kitchen?

My kitchen needs big changes structurally but in the short term I am considering a wall mount magnet knife holder & a new hand soap dispenser.

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