Thursday, January 05, 2012

Dinner this Week

Meals this week....

Monday:  We were on the way home so we had lunch at The Prospector and pasta for dinner.
Tuesday:  I made the Panera Bread Brocolli Soup recipe.  First time.  It was good but my cooktop simmers at a boil so making creamy soups can be a challenge.  We had delicious olive oil-rosemary bread from Costco and green salad.
Wednesday:  Chicken bones.  I made (the last of the bag) of chicken wings.  Baked with garlic salt.  Brown rice & the end of a part of a bag of perogi with fried onions and parmesan. 
Thursday:  The plan is to have roll ups with turkey, cheese, tomato, lettuce & ranch.
Friday:  We have a package of delicious Rocky Mountain Hot Dogs... if I remember to get buns.
Saturday:  Chicken pot pie.  Special request.
Sunday:  Elk steaks & baked potatoes if Hot is home.

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M&Co. said...

Sounds yummy!