Monday, January 24, 2011

Ideal Dreams

I love:
1.  Sephora hair bands
2.  ELF lipgloss
3.  Dansko shoes
4.  Smith sunglasses
5.  Thymes Olive Leaf
6.  My stubby handled 2" angled paint brush
7.  Victoria Secret hipsters
8.  My new travel coffee mug
9.  Gift cards for the coffee shack by my house

Things I'm searching for:
1.  good mascara
2.  solid base coat
3.  a cardigan as perfectly cut as my beloved but shabby black Carolyn Taylor one
4.  really great couch pillows
5.  curtains for the bedrooms
6.  new swimwear
7.  a paint color for the bedrooms
8.  perfect organization in the laundry room
9.  classic sandals for this summer

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