Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Conference Call Thankful

I'm mostly recovered from the holidays. 

We spent a solid chunk of time at the farm with my family and when I get home I had withdrawals and had to talk to my mom every day.  Not that I had anything new to tell her but we had talked SO MUCH that I couldn't go cold turkey.

Then my sister figured out how to conference call us on her fabulous phone.  Who-hoo.  Now we just need to figure out how to do it with 4 people so we can get my brother's wife on the call and it will be perfect. 

It strikes me as odd that I like these people so much.  I didn't get to pick them.  I got lucky.

So for those of you who are wondering what the family is doing.... My mom just finished up Jillian's 30 day shred.  She actually enjoyed it... or that's what she says.  She also chaperoned the Miss Rodeo Montana pageant this month.  We all met up for the finals on Sunday afternoon and then went to dinner at The Prospector.  We got a hotel (Monday was a holiday) and the kids swam.  My brother & sis-in-law & nephew came over to swim so we got our money's worth.  My sister wasn't there... she was in DC for work and this week she leaves for Hawaii to visit her brother-in-law and get some sun.  Dad has been having a heck of a time hauling wheat on the ice.  It's like an episode of Ice Road Truckers gone bad.  But the pictures are funny.  He's in Bozeman this weekend to renew his vet stuff... I'm sure he's attending some fabulous conference about parasites in cats or something.  Mom will be shopping the clearance sales while he goes to meetings and they will both be enjoying the hotel's exercise facilities.... which is hilarious because my dad hasn't bought any new "exercise clothing" in 20 years or so.... 

I sure do like these people.

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Elle said...

I am so jealous.