Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on….

Subtitle: I got my world rocked on Monday night.

…. And, no, it wasn’t the usual my-husband-is-amazing-in-the-sack kinda rockin’. We had an EARTHQUAKE that was an actual geographic event. (As apposed to the state of my living room after Sweet Boy plays an especially rousing game of “wrestle the rocking moose”) FIVE-POINT-SIX. So why do I live here instead of California again?

It rattled the lights. I was lounging on the couch with The Husband eating an ice cream bar. All I could think was, “Who started a load of laundry?” because it felt like the load was unbalanced. The Husband said, “That was either an explosion or an earthquake.” We looked at each other, it faded and then came back shaking harder and he said, "Grab the baby" and I went tearing up the stairs (ice cream bar clutched in one hand... no natural disaster is gonna get between me and my fudgcicle). By the time I got back downstairs he had the scanner and the news on and was talking to his parents on the phone.

Our house has a rock foundation so we weren’t too worried about structural damage. The only casualty was the sedum I'd just transplanted into a rusty wheel well that was sitting up on a wood chunk (it’s cool… not nearly as ‘neck as it sounds…. Pictures when I get my camera back) The “planter” tipped over and the wood chunk rolled away.... I turned it over, gave a quick Earth Mama blessing and shoved the plant back in.... whether it lives or dies depends on it's little plant will to go on.....

I won't lie... the shake kinda shook me.... It was one of those, "What do we do now?" moments..... The first thought was something had exploded on the train tracks (that happened once before) but then it went on and we knew what it was... I guess there have been lots of aftershocks but I haven't felt anything. I often bemoan the fact that we live in a land-locked state and the resultant lack of good sushi but this week I was more than happy to be high, dry and tsunami-free.


Susan said...

Thank god you saved the fudgecicle--it's important to have priorities.

In the first year that we lived in the Seattle area, we had a five-point-something quake; it felt like our house was floating on a series of waves. I thought it was kind of cool, but my husband was pretty freaked out--I walked into our living room to find him clutching the arms of his chair. I mocked him.

Then we moved to Oklahoma, and EVERY SINGLE TIME the stupid tornado sirens sound, I go into a full-blown panic. And he mocks me.

It's the glue that keeps our marriage together.

LadyBug said...

Glad you guys are okay.

The plant thing sounds pretty cool. Can't wait to see the pics when you get your camera back.

Leesa said...

Ha! Grab the ice cream!! I was sitting outside and didn't even notice, but my neighbors said they felt it.

Homestead said...

I'm afraid the tornado siren would just cause me to look around my living room and think, "Can it really get any worse?"

(I now think of you as "Way-Bug" because that's how my visiting friend's daughter says it and she LOVES way-bugs.) The planter is, um, very rustic. When I can post a picture I will tell the whole story of my new "found things" gardening technique.

I guess we've had some pretty serious aftershocks but I haven't felt those at all. And, in my defense, it was a WILCOXSON'S chocolate ice cream bar.... Wilcoxson's is, by far, the mostest superior ice cream in the land......

SierraBella said...

I suppose you've seen the documentary about the Yellowstone earthquakes, and (I believe) supervolcano?
I normally check the news before blogging, so I 'gonna' check this out.
Thank goodness there's no tsunami activity in your "land-locked" area-