Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This. This is my dad.


He cut the top out of his cap to accommodate his hair.  He thinks he invented something.  None of us have the heart to tell him it is a v-i-s-e-r.

It makes him crazy his hair won't get any longer.  He doesn't get the concept of deep conditioning and regular trimming.

He does shower every night and then put on the same dirty jeans every morning.

Yes, he's wearing an Orvis flyfishing shirt.

I've only seen him wear cowboy boots once.... when required for an O-mok-see.  He kicked off his tennies, put them on as he got on the horse and took them off before he got off the horse....  He has no idea that a new pair might actually be comfortable.

You can call him Doctor.

He is still smiling.... even after getting sucker kicked by a cow and being boss-man to a crew of idiots (hey.... you do get what you pay for....).

This best advice about cows?  "Raising cows won't make you any money, but if you raise cows you can't go anywhere because you have to take care of the cows so you won't spend any money either...."



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Elle said...

I love that man.
I miss that man.

I wish I could see that man.

Christal said...

Is he left handed? Does he cross draw? And yes, isn't family great? I went to see my brother get a pretty prestigious award and it about drove me crazy to spend 3 days with him, but I love him to death. We all have our idiosyncrasies.

Homestead said...

Nice catch! He is a lefty. I think he likes it on the right side so he can swing a really wild loop when he ropes and it doesn't hang up.

We had a great time. He only taught my kids a few naughty things.....