Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I'm in a fashion mood.



I don't want to talk about anything depressing today... at least not yet.

So let's talk about shoes.

Part of my mother-in-law's fire evacuation plan includes loading all of her shoes in a laundry basket and putting them in her car.  Seriously.  It's the one collection she values and could never replace.

My favorite shoes are still my classic black Dansko professionals but they really need to be replaced.  Go ahead and click the shoe picture to see what is on the Dansko site....  make a suggestion for my replacement...... I got them at Sole Sister's....

I also have red mary janes (Dansko Diana) but I'll tell you a secret... they aren't my most comfortable shoes.  Dansko makes other red mj's that are cuter but I didn't pay much for these at 6pm.com

I also love Born.  I have two pairs of Born.  The boots (purchased on zulily.com) are fantastic and comfy.  I wish I had purchased the 9.5 instead of the 10.  The heels are Ofelia Bay Vintage t-strap... super comfy and, at sierratradingpost.com  ...  they were a bargain with a good coupon.

born boots  Born-Ofelia-Bay-Vintage-T-Strap-Shoes-For-Women

Cowboy boots.  Turns out this short heel and square toe is the current style.  I still want a pair of turquoise ones (if you follow me on pinterest you will see the obsession) but these are pretty awesome.  And, of course, I got a bargain at zulily....

Johnny Ringo Black and Zebra Ladies Boots

Of course I have a pair of chucks... but I've evolved from my classic black hi-tops.  I now have pale pink low-tops.  My girls think I am a really cool mom when I wear them.

And I got a pair of Tom's for my birthday.  Love.  Yes, they are floral.  Sole Sister's. This is one pair of shoes I would strongly recommend you try on in person.  There is a lot of difference in fit between the different fabrics etc.  I went for fun, funky & most comfortable.  There isn't much arch and they fit more like slippers.  With my narrow feet and high arches I don't think I could walk 100 miles in them but they are surprisingly comfy for the long haul and as close to ballet flats as I may ever get. 
Oahu Women's Vegan Classics side
These are my summer shoes from last year.  So comfy.  That strap has velcro on it....  so you can snug them on if you need to move fast.  They replaced my beloved leather Keen slides that they don't MAKE any more.....  J-41 Sonoma Mules....  Paid $25 at Sierra....
I really want a pair of Chaco Zongo sandals but haven't made the move yet.  The best price I've seen is about $32 for these. 
Chaco Zong X Sport Sandals (For Women) in Meadow/Chive
And I love flip-flops but my arches are so high they usually cause me pain.

That pretty much covers my shoe selection.  There might be a few pairs lurking in the bottom of a tub in the garage.  And I have some runners, muck boots, heavy-duty hikers & a pair of old Solomon water shoes that I wear for painting that I didn't mention. 

What are you wearing?  What are you shopping for and why?  What is your dream shoe? 


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If you love someone, a gift should show that; it should also prove how well you know that person, and that includes their clothes or shoe size.

Elle said...

I just cleaned out my closet. Now, I have my black Bass (which are dansko knock-offs), my brown Dansko, my shiny black dansko, my boots and my slippers. Oh, and my tennis, which really aren't mine since now Big and I share the same shoes. Seriously. Nothing is sacred . . . not even my tennie runners.

Last spring, we had a California Closet consult and she told me that I have about 40 PAIRS LESS shoes than the average woman.

I'm kind of proud of that.