Monday, February 11, 2013

Grammy Review

I liked the Grammys this year.

I did.

I think it probably dates me that I liked the "old school" vibe. 

LL Cool.... love.  And the performance.  So classic.  And still looking so good.  Wish he would perform.

Mumford & Sons.... Why do I love them so?  Must be the folk thing.

FUN.  Ok... I admit... I've, ahem, made fun of them in the past.  And capri pants on a man?  But the music is... well... kinda fun.  Oh.  And I think I want the blonde girl's hair.  Can anyone find a good picture of it?  I can't.

Jack White.  That might have been my favorite performance of the night.

Carrie Underwood was looking a little like a barbie cake in that dress... but it was a pretty clever display of technology if nothing else.

Mavis Staples.  Need I say more?  And that performance was completely ON.  You know what I mean?  Sometimes you can tell they didn't practice or are drinking or whatever but this one was so great.

Who the hell are Alabama Shakes?  That chick was totally rocking the metallic gold 80's shoulder pads.... and she can BELT a tune.... I will be checking them out later.

And to all the strong female role models... Kelly, Alicia, Beyonce, Carrie, Miranda, Adele.... my girls were ROCKING your music....

Rhianna.... ditch the dead weight (You know who you are....) and you can be on the strong female role models list.

Elton.  Sir Elton.  I love you.

Ok... I didn't quite get Frank Ocean and his performance.  (Is he Billy's son????)  But I'm ok with him... especially if he doesn't like Chris Brown.  That makes him good people in my book.

I have always loved the Lumineers.... yes, someday that song is going to get old and drive me nuts but for now....

You know I love Bob Marley.  And I love a good tribute.  That one got me.

Did I miss anything?  I was folding laundry in the kitchen and running around so I missed some of it.

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Elle said...

I haven't had the TV on in weeks. We all shuffle and get home and fall in bed in batches or pairs. Good lord. I'm behind on my TV lineup with no end in sight. I heard Taylor Swift was great.