Monday, November 07, 2011

Thankful Day 7

Carrots and Hummus.

Specifically... the GIANT bags of carrots and single-serve containers of hummus from Costco.

I am, in general, opposed to single-serve items that are more expensive and I prefer to make-at-home vs buy pre-made.


In finding the balance between cost-effective and healthy/green and convenient (my personal chartreuse triumvirate) I don't follow that concept to the letter.  Ya have to know the rules to know when to make an exception says I.

I sometimes buy the pre-packs of carrots and love them.  But lately my kids have been on a bugs bunny style carrot fest.  And I've been making lots of pans of roasted veggies and those little peeled buggers just don't taste as good as a real carrot..... all carmelized and delicious.  And those big bags, stored unwashed in my crisper, seem to last FOREVER.

I know how to make hummus.  But I don't have a food processor and cleaning the blender is a pain.  And the repackaging and spoilage.  Well.... I love being able to just grab one of those little packets from the fridge and go with it. 

Also... is it wrong I consider cut-up carrots and hummus a breakfast food? 

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