Friday, November 04, 2011

Thankful Day 4

Well now... it would make SENSE to post about Hot today, wouldn't it?  But I'm not gonna... not because I'm not thankful but because I have a particular photo I want to use and it must be found.

Instead.  Today.  I am thankful for heat.

I love my pellet stove.  I would also love a wood stove but I really love the pellet stove.  Even with the price of pellets going into orbit... I love it. 

I have a red lattice-topped metal steamer on top.  It is starting to peel and look a little ratty.... I saw one similar to this at our local fireplace shop.  Cute, right?

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Christal said...

I'm envious. And yes the dragon is sweet...

No other heat source in our house but the sun for the passive solar (sun shining on black tile and cement/rocks) and pex tubes in the floor (but hubby has that turned off -- when it's on it's nice having warm floors.) Someday our masonry stove will be finished and we will have heat too... it's similar to this on the inside but will SOMEDAY have black rough rock on the outside and a shiny new chimney pipe.

Right now we are pulling out the down and wool blankets, and layering up the sweaters at night.