Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Emergency Evacuation List

I'm back at it with the emergency prepper stuff for fire.  I attended a meeting by the officials from Colorado Springs (BEFORE the Black Forest fire) about the urban interface in Helena.

Scared the crap outta me.

It isn't if... it is when.  The good news was... my house didn't burn in the scenario.  But let's be real.  Our day is coming.

So I am back to working a plan.  It is my duty to head up the evacuation.  Hot's job is such that he won't be available to help and he will need the peace of mind knowing we have a plan and are getting out.

I believe in a written plan.  Because if I don't have a list I run around like a chicken....  it is just the way I am.  So here goes... draft 1:

Before the fire:
make sure insurance coverage is adequate for replacement values
decide where you will go if you evacuate (me... I'm taking the kids and going to a hotel with a pool and HGTV)

2 minutes:
cell phone

5 minutes (above plus):
cats (in carrier... carrier is currently on top of the upright freezer in the garage)
portable hard drive
personal document envelope/file box*
household binder**
cell phone charger
cash in house (there isn't much but....)

20 minutes (above plus):
comfort packs***
plug in old school telephone (located in desk hutch)
turn on sprinklers
put evacuation sign on the door

30 minutes (above plus):
safe contents
binoculars (2 pairs)
photo album box (hoping to get all of these scanned)
spare car keys

*personal documents envelope/file box may include:
phone/contact emergency list
medications/allergies list
copy of drivers license
ss cards (or copies)
birth certificates
marriage certificates
vaccination records
pet records
financial account info
wallet content copies
recent utility bill (for proof of residency)
insurance policies
household inventory (include photos/serial numbers/etc)
flash drive backups

Ok, wait, funny story..... I was trying to think about the household inventory and the best way to manage it and I remembered the last time we evacuated.... I ran around with my camera on video documenting all the tools (and serial numbers) in the garage.  So instead of a household inventory I'm going to create a video inventory and keep a copy on a flashdrive and keep it somewhere else... maybe my office.

**household binder may include:
Ok... well MY household binder has contacts/emergency info etc and a lot of the things listed above for the file box... it has my current bills so I can fend off boredom after the adrenaline wears off by paying bills. Ok, wait, I also includes cleaning schedules and books I want to read.  Hmmm.  Oh... but in the back pocket are the pages I will put on the (2) doors when we evacuate.  There are mixed opinions about doing this... if you put a big note on your door saying you have evacuated that might be an invitation to looters... so think about this one carefully.  Our neighborhood is pretty sparse and we don't have much anyone would want to steal so I go with the sign.  It is printed on nice yellow cardstock and the tape is in the cupboard just above where it lives.

We have evacuated.
Contact Us
(Lists our various phone numbers)

***comfort packs:
One of the things I've learned is... once the adrenaline wears off you are bored.  So our comfort packs have stuff to do and things to make us happy.  And, yes, even if there is a wildfire, Target will still be open... you can buy most of this stuff later so don't stay in harm's way packing it up.

stuffed animals/favorite blankets
small toys
change of clothes
personal care items

Other things to plug into the list if needed:
um... what else can you guys think of?


Christal said...

Yeah, glasses/contacts are a big one for me. Dog food/water bowl. Leash. Hub's favorite pistol/rifle/bow, etc? Funny, at our house, hubby would be saying grab the plants ... he's got a night blooming angel trumpet I think he'd evacuate before me. Family heirlooms? Like I have some cut glass that was great-grandma's and a couple of cool old framed photos. Bed pillows -- hubby and I both carry our pillows with us when we travel, so I'd grab them in the 30 minute timeframe. I think I'd move swimsuits higher up on the list... (or at least mine you can always buy new for the kids, but it usually takes a while to find a suit an adult likes). Although I have to say my swim suit, towel, & pool stuff pretty much lives in my car and only comes out for washing. And we have some stained glass pieces and original artwork from our travels that I'd grab

Christal said...

PS . . . and I'd really want my motorcycle, but would sacrifice it for my dogs & all the stuff that would fit in the back of my minivan or our big truck.

Homestead said...

I need to add a leash and dog food/bowl to the list. I always have a leash in my glove box so I didn't think about it.

Safe contents pretty much covers all of the armament around here.... gone are the days of "don't forget the handgun in the salad bowl...." And the two pairs of binoculars are high on his list.

The next list I'm working on is the room by room list of sentimental stuff I'd take if I had an hour or more... the carnival glass bowl on my dresser, some small antique things, my ipod, the rocking chair. Our general plan is... if we have time we load all that breakable stuff in the pickup and leave it at my office.

I asked the kids what they would take and all three would take particular blankets/pillows they love. I need a more detailed (or even pre-packed bag) list for them.

Elle said...

I just helped a girlfriend complete a fairly orderly evacuation of their home during the Black Forest fire. Really, they were on pre-evac status, but I think that's the perfect time to leave. Their air quality was TERRIBLE and her kids were in panic mode, so they came to live with us for a few days.

They had time for comfort packs and favorite blankies, medications, mementos and such. Their dog came along too, and (yea!) got along with Moose!

Whilst she was packing my car, I walked her house, exterior and interior and did a video of EVERYTHING. That was smart, and thank God, not needed.

Here are some funny things that made their way into the car . . . .
1. Yogurt. She had just bought it and it was a priority.
2. Two gallons of milk. Her 15 years old son and my 9 year old son drank them both in two days.
3. A box of Trix.
4. One random soccer trophy.
5. Cleats, balls and some random sporting gear.
6. Cocoa puffs.

At any rate, I've been working this entire year to digitize my life. It's a work in progress. So, that external hard drive is THE thing to remember. THE. THING. TO. REMEMBER.

PS. If you evacuate, can you PLEASE come here??