Monday, December 19, 2011


I'm already thinking ahead to organizing for 2012.

I had to order new snowboots for Bugsy yesterday.  She has two pairs of size 6 boots and then there is a gap until the size 12 boots Tuff is wearing..... WTF?  Somewhere there is a whole box of snowboots.... hope I accidentally sent them to Good Sam's and not the dump....

She's getting these... in pink of course.  Size 8.  Got 'em for $25 with a coupon and free shipping.  I might have done better with Land's End sales but sometimes those Land's End ones are hard to get on....

You will recall I had to buy $50 boots for Sweet earlier this year.  Size 6.  When he gets to a size 7 he is in men's sizes. 

Tuff is holding out in size 12 purple boots.  The next good pair is size 2 camo sorels.... which just might not be fashionable enough (or warm enough after serving Sweet for two seasons) for next year.  So I might be boot shopping again. 

I'm struggling, as always, with the hand-me-down organization.  We cleaned the closet and hauled out a big black garbage bag of shoes that didn't fit anyone.  Now to sort that bag into:

1.  Keep for Tuff
2.  Keep for Bugsy
3.  Give to mom for spares at her house
4.  Consign
5.  Give to cousin
6.  Donate
7.  Save for baby girl cousin

I think I'm making this harder than it needs to be.....


Elle said...

Gawd, woman. Donate it all. Shoes are $4.99 at Target right now. Pitch it all. Feel the freedom. And when someone really needs a pair, just buy a cheap pair.

Doesn't that sound grand? I should take my own advice.

Although -- I've gotten closer to that with Mimi . . . . I don't even mess with hand me downs & stuff. I just buy cheap stuff in the right season and hope that she likes it. She's the wild card, as evidenced by the box that will be arriving on your doorstep this week.

Crap. I'm contributing to your hell. Sorry about that. Feel free to pitch it. But take the Christmas card out first.

SarahP said...

I buy boots for next year during end-of-season sales, so we got Size 9 purple sorels at Murdoch's for cheaptastic, and the year before a snazzy pair of Princess Tiana boots at Walmart. BUT...can't hand either of those down to Gus. His current pair came from the second-hand store for 50 cents. I *heart* our second-hand store. Plus, our daycare gal has a 4 year old son, so we get lots from him, then I send it on to the next lucky contestant in the handmedown games!
Not that any of this helps you!