Friday, November 05, 2010


I've decided to reinvent myself once a month.  That seems about right. 

Jimmy Buffett sings about spending a few days trying to recall the whole year ('round here we call that writing the Christmas form letter).  I change toothbrushes quarterly and update menus seasonally.  Clothes seem to follow a seasonal update schedule and then, of course, there is the summer-school breakdown of time. 

I come up with a plan, live with it a few weeks, tweak it until it works and then..... something changes.  So I've decided the only way to cope is to reinvent every month. 

Remember when I was so excited to be on schedule in October?  The morning schedule was really working.... and then Hot got a different job.  And now I am in charge of get up-get ready-make lunches-school and daycare drop off and things are ok but not great.... that's an example of what I'm talking about.

So.... what are you going to reinvent this month?


Christal said...

My office at home... it needs to be a comfortable place for me to do my college homework & household bills.

I want the Appleton furniture corner cherry wood desk and file cabinets. (Or something similar but cheaper but same quality or better workmanship. I'm not picky. ;-)

I won't buy it yet. First I MUST pay off some bills and revive our savings. Tho' if I had the nicer office set-up, I'd want to be in it more, and therefore pay more bills. Maybe they'll put it on sale for Christmas. (LOL)

My school computer's been on my rinky-dink sewing table (which was really a cheap computer desk) for the past 2 years & I just shift it to the side when I need to sew something. Which really when you think about it is just another of those rotten work-arounds.

I started buying nice furniture about 3 years ago when I realized I was buying nicer stuff for my daughter/SIL than we had for ourselves. (I did the same with linens/towels ... why was I getting them brand new Queen size sheet sets when my queen bed had 20 year old sheets on it!?)

Homestead said...

I vote to buy ANYTHING from Appleton. LOVE. Althought the only thing I can afford in the store is a birthday card....

Right now my sewing machine is on my shelves in the garage... waiting for time and inclination to get it repaired... again. And the sewing table is stashed in the cabin.

SarahP said...

I'm buying a new camera and doing holiday family photos for friends. It's part of my reinvention as a photographer.
Oh, and I'm getting some wicked blonde highlights as part of my looks-reinvention. Going to Vegas for the finals...gotta look the part!