Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Making a List

Yes.  True.  Lists.

I've started the Christmas lists.

Anyone else?

What's the hot Christmas gift?

What do you want this year?  Truly?

Do you shop Black Friday? 



Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Running. Really.

I don't like to rush into things.  If I start a new hobby I have this fear if I buy the appropriate gear I will quit the hobby.  Is that normal?

I blame my father.  He gets manically obsessed with something and then he quits and never looks back.  I'm like that.

I knit with chopsticks for about a year because I thought the appeal of making those fuzzy starbella-style scarves would wear off.....  so I bought some needles that look just like chopsticks....  still making scarves six to ten stitches at a time....  will never graduate beyond them. 

So I've been running.  Ok, call it jogging.  Or waddling.  Or whatever. 

I like running.  It doesn't require a lot of gear or skills.

I have good New Balance tennis shoes that kept my feet from aching during my last pregnancy.  They aren't any of the hip new colors.  They are old school and orange and white.  I have customized happy-feet insoles that keep my knees and ankles on straight.

I have ipod tunes.

I have a good bra.

Summer running gear is easy.  Winter is a little trickier.  I have decent smart wool socks (puma in the summer) and some ancient roffeflex running tights.  Fleece, dark green.  I have my trusty black beanie.  But then I get stuck... what to wear?  The story of my life.  So I splurged and bought myself a running shirt.  It's a sporthill one kinda like this one but a different color and with a coupon of course.... it is the first clothing I've ever had with a thumb hole.  I love the thumb holes. 

So my new shirt (pale turquoise green) makes me a super-sexy runner-girl and it kept me warm and snuggy all fall.  And then it got colder....  and darker.....  And I had to add my black shell to stay warm and now I'm invisible.  And a flashlight because my headlamp isn't bright enough to illuminate my feet.  And that is bad. 

So my husband thinks I need a nice reflective vest.  And I do... it is hard to run in my shell... a vest is better.  But I feel like the running shirt was a big commitment and getting more gear might jinx things... 

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